COVID-19 Important Notice

Following the President’s address to the nation on Sunday, 15 March 2020, we recognize that it’s our responsibility as an industry to take COVID-19 precautionary measures extremely seriously for the continued welfare of our guest and staff. 

Koffietijd implemented a COVID-19 strategy on Monday 16 March 2020: 

We urge all guests who have 

a) traveled to the identified risk zones in the past 21 days 

b) had close or casual contact with someone infected with the COVID- 19 

c) experienced symptoms congruent with COVID-19 

to please inform us before entering our premises. 

  • We will continue to implement our existing, stringent hygiene protocols & new safety measures have been added to mitigate future risk, including the immersion of all cookware, crockery & cutlery into scalding water prior to use. 
  • All surfaces such as tables, stair railings, door handles, card machines etc. will be frequently disinfected. 
  • Staff will be screened every morning and are required to sanitize their hands regularly. Staff will be asked to leave the premises at the first signs of any possible illness and will be sent for immediate testing. Isolation periods will be enforced where required. We take the health and safety of our staff and guests very seriously. 
  • Koffietijd will also make available a delivery and pick up service to people who are self-isolating or choose to refrain from visiting public spaces during this time. Orders can be placed via phone call or Whatsapp message: (012) 991 5728. 

Cash and Card payments will be available. Card machines will be disinfected after every use. 

We encourage everyone to practice safe hygiene during this time and to support local small businesses wherever possible.